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Skidmore College
2024 Summer Sessions



Get ahead, stay on track, or catch up this summer! Online or in-person.

Skidmore Summer Sessions are a great way to get ahead or catch up on classes. Select in-person or online courses - your choice. Three summer sessions to fit your schedule, location, and time-zone.

Registration open!

2024 Session Dates
  • Session 1: Tuesday, May 28 - Friday, June 28
  • Session 2: Tuesday, July 2 - Friday, August 2
  • Session 3: Tuesday, May 28 - Friday, August 2 (includes all summer Independent Study and Credit-Bearing Internship experiences)

Instructional Methods for 2024

Select in-person or online courses. The instructional 方法 associated with each course is indicated in the Summer 2024 Master Schedule, which is searchable by instructional 方法. Be sure to select classes based on your schedule, location, and time-zone. The options are:

  • In-person (no remote learners)
  • Hybrid (mix of in-person/online - both components, no remote learners)
  • Online: Synchronous (online, required class meetings in real-time, time zone considerations)
  • Online: Mix of Sync & Async (online, mix sync/async meetings, time zone considerations)
  • Online: Asynchronous (online, no required class meetings in real-time, no time zone considerations)
  • Hyflex: In-person or Online Synchronous (in-person/synchronous online attendance, with both campus and remote learners, time zone considerations)


Information regarding Internships for Credit, Independent Studies, Tuition and Fees, Student Summer Housing. 点击 在这里.

Information regarding enrolling in a summer course, Tuition and Fees, Refund Policy. 点击 在这里.

Information regarding Skidmore's Pre-College Program. 点击 在这里.

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Information regarding auditing a summer course. 点击 在这里.